This animal-lover uses Photoshop to alter images of dogs close to their young

A talented animal lover has a successful business based on photo-editing furry companions.

She came up with a fantastic idea because she wanted to make something special for the many devoted pet owners!

Maria’s road to success started with a humorous concept for her Great Dane’s Instagram account.

In order to create a special look back in time, she thought it would be cute to photoshop a picture of her Great Dane as a puppy next to himself.

Maria’s Photoshop artwork won the hearts of her family and friends, who then asked for their own unique dog images.

Before she knew it, Maria was receiving numerous requests from pet owners all around the country each month.

With the aid of a full-time graphics specialist, Maria’s business has gone a long way since its early days and now fulfills hundreds of orders each month.

When you’re ready, she starts at $125 for her designs, and she wants a $10 deposit to hold your place on the waitlist.

Everyone advises her to charge more given her talent and the absence of competition in her field, but she wants to keep her work affordable for as many people as possible.

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