This 2,000-pound cow is the tallest in the world. You have never seen such a thing

This remarkable species was passed down to this agricultural couple from a distant cousin.

They treated him like a child and lavished him with gifts, but he doesn’t require anything other than to overeat.

He stands 2 meters tall and weighs more than a ton, making it one of the world’s largest, though no official record has been established.

The owners suspected something was wrong when the cow was only 6 months old and still being bottle-fed.

The calf ate the food and began to take the containers out of their hands.

Due to the high cost of keeping the cow, it had to be transported to a special contact farm where the animals could pay for their feed through guest visits.

Even though he is calm, few people are not willing to pet him; most simply stand with their mouths open when they see him.

He has no reason to do so. The cow is the lucky one, because he has his own barn built just for him. You could also give him cookies, which he likes. So big but so cute.

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