They’ve been together for 83 years, and their advice for maintaining a great marriage will definitely have you thinking

Marriages lasting decades are becoming far less common these days.

When you ask these married couples who have been together for fifty to sixty years what their secret is, you almost never receive the very same response.

We remember a couple telling us never to go to bed upset with each other, and that resonated deeply with us.

A couple from North Carolina deserves all the acclaim and thanks for celebrating years of marriage.

The pair also celebrated their respective 100th and 103rd birthdays, which were seven days apart.

This couple sang birthday songs with their loved ones at a church as they commemorated the occasion.

Without a doubt, they merited the celebration. Compassion is the key to enduring love, according to a couple who shared details of their lengthy marriage.

‘To see them at this age and so well is always good; it’s simply a pleasure that they’re still around,’ their granddaughter said.

They said there were no particular techniques behind their achievement. News like this is wonderful to us. To the happy and responsible couple, greetings.

It goes without saying that the key to a long and happy life is to have a good heart.

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