They chose to leave the puppy on the bus rather than bring it home from the sanctuary

Many people around the world are unaware of what it means to be accountable.

These people had this adorable dog, and they decided to take it from the animal shelter, but they changed their minds on the way and left it on the bus.

He’d been missing all day, and the shelter staff had been searching for him the entire time.

He was let off one bus, but he boarded the next one and traveled the rest of the day that way.

While he was away on an amazing adventure, volunteers and regular people began looking for him, but it took them until the dark to find him and bring him to the same shelter.

He is still there for the time being, and they are looking for a new, loving home and owners who are willing to be responsible for the dog.

The dog is adorable, kind, and sociable, and she enjoys playing with children.

This adorable little puppy will hopefully soon find a loving home with responsible owners.

I hope, people will start taking care of animals more.

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