These twin sisters are well-known for their gorgeous hair: With their impressive styling they attract the Internet

Due to their distinctive looks and stunning hair, twin sisters have recently attracted a lot of attention.

The twin sisters portray shampoo brands as models. They were indeed selected to represent the shampoo brand.

In fact, the girls started out as models when they were 18 years old.

They have since worked for cosmetics and shampoo brands. What is the twin sisters’ hair routine?

As a result, they adhere to a hair regimen each day. So, once a week, they apply a moisturizing mask to their hair after washing it with a gentle shampoo.

They also use rosemary oil to massage their hair every night before going to bed. They have unusually thick and wavy hair.

Due to the rumors at school, they have long regretted being so natural. To appear normal, they straightened their hair every day.

Since then, everyone loves them because they are happy and active. They expect their styles and we love them.

Everyone’s attention is on them from the moment they enter the room. What do you think about this story and them ? Let us know.

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