These Huskies rescued a kitten and became her lifelong companions

Rose was fostered and accepted into the pack by three Huskies from Los Angeles, California.

Last year, the three dog owners picked up the little baby on the street.

To the owners’ amazement, the dog Lily quickly began caring for the new family member. Dogs and cats now work together on everything.

‘Our husky Lily literally saved Rose’s life, since she was in a bad shape. Lily had been by her side the entire time.

‘It appears that Rose began to think of herself as a dog after that,’ the animal’s owners remarked. According to them, the cat took on all of the greatest qualities of dogs, becoming executive, courageous, and a bath lover.

More than 135,000 people follow their instagram account, which allows pet owners to share images of their pets.

What an amazing story. Who could have thought that dogs and a cat can be such great friends let alone a dog save a little kitty found in the street.

Cases like this prove that animals are better than us and will help others no matter what species or size they are.

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