These elderly people left the retirement home and shared a home with young people

Rather than living in retirement communities, these elderly people have chosen to live in shared housing with young people.

Therefore, you run the risk of being in a situation known as collocation with young people if you do not go to the nursing home.

As a result, some seniors opt to share a room with students, for instance.

As a result, two friends built a house where people of all ages can live. After that, they made changes to create separate rooms for the new guests.

In order to provide people in such situations with a roof over their heads, rents are set at reasonable rates.

This house has been open to the public for the past year.

It is where free seniors can reside without making a trip to a retirement home, and youthful laborers can live respectively in a space intended to consolidate closeness and gaiety.

It is a beautiful project that fosters cooperation and sharing among generations.

Our parents were beginning to consider their future, and we realized that our children were having trouble finding their first home.

As a result, we developed a novel concept that would enable all generations to realize their future.

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