The young man wanted to pet the dog, but he lay down, his eyes filled with tears

Stray dogs are common on city streets, and their numbers continue to rise year after year. People are finding increasingly sophisticated ways to leave them, and they can frequently simply take their pets out into the street, like an object.

This is common in older pets. And people pass by these animals in the streets without caring.

They will not even give them food, let alone more assistance, so they frequently cling to garbage cans and look for food there.

But, thankfully, there are good people in the world.

So, in a city, they started spreading word about a shepherd dog who got stuck in a container and couldn’t get out.

When a group of volunteers learned about the dog, they rushed to assist her.

They were able to help the animal after entering the container, and when one of the volunteers petted the shepherd, she was overjoyed because she had forgotten what human kindness feels like.

Batty is now doing well and is surrounded by love and care, thanks to the same young man who adopted her and made her his favorite pet.

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