The young man walked with the dog, and the cat followed them all the way to the door

It happened last summer when Michael went for his usual walk with his dog. After a few minutes, they noticed a small unfamiliar kitten. It was so small that it could easily fit in the palm of a man’s hand.

The young man called his wife and asked her to bring kitten food with her.

The cat followed Michael and the dog, but his wife was opposed to having another pet in the apartment because they already had three cats and a dog.

They did, however, shelter the baby for a while so that they could later pass it on to a friend. The woman didn’t say no to such a cute fluffy because he was charming and she had long wanted a cat.

He was given the nickname Pinno and provided very comfortable living conditions, and once the kitty became used to it, he displayed his playful nature.

So, thanks to his perseverance and a big dream to find his own home and a loving family, a stray little kitten has finally achieved his goal and is now completely happy.

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