The ‘worst photoshop in history’ was criticized against Naomi Campbel: The model tried retouching unsuccessfully

Only a few celebrities upload ‘unfiltered’ images on their blogs, but it has long been known that they actively use retouching and other methods of image enhancement.

However, while some social media professionals are exceptionally skilled at retouching their images, others frequently receive criticism for editing.

And a model who is 52 years old has recently joined the latter group. The famous person decided to post a series of pictures she took at a party to her blog.

Fans began to draw parallels between the close-up image and the original because it appeared so artificial.

Surprisingly, the retouched image was in every way inferior to the ‘honest’ one. In the image via online entertainment, her face looked just unlikely.

The image was immediately dubbed ‘the worst photoshop in history’ by surprised Internet users.

Moreover, she is working very hard to keep herself in good shape. She arranges excercises for her body on a regular basis, despite her dislike of diets.

Not only does this help her with her figure, but it also makes her skin look better. What do you think?

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