The woman walks to the park and becomes friends with an inquisitive goose

Allison tried to stay active throughout the coronavirus outbreak by walking alone in the park.

A huge gray goose approached her as she passed by a pond one day. The bird pretended to know her for a long time.

The goose, unfazed, followed alongside the girl, staring at her with interest. She talked to the park’s authorities and discovered that the goose was reared at home, and his owner was remarkably similar to her.

If the woman was walking, the goose followed her. Her companion leapt on her as soon as she sat down on the bench.

The goose would tell the woman something in goose language, and she would respond by singing songs to him.

Soon after, videos of the duck published by the woman on social media drew viewers’ attention.

The eccentric pair became so well-known that they were even featured on a news program.

The woman, who has worked in film production for many years, was inspired to start a new project after making friends with the duck.

She intends to film a documentary on her extraordinary communication with the geese, which freed her from loneliness.

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