The woman displays a dog that is now taller than a man and has grown larger than any wolf

A little puppy that Britany Davis once owned grew too quickly. Doggy got bigger than any wolf over time.

The pet’s owner uploaded pictures of him, and while he is standing on all fours, he is a man’s height.

The woman’s brother suggested she buy a dog and assisted her in finding a puppy.

Segues had big paws, unlike other puppies. But after six months, the body was more than up to the task, and by the time the dog was an adult, it was absolutely enormous.

‘Friends regarded the dog and expressed disbelief that this could possibly occur.

Segues was named the largest dog in the world, as I was surprised to learn after submitting an application to the Guinness Book of Records.

Segues is over 1.5 meters tall. The giant weighs over 72 kilos and eats 14 kilograms of food each day.

Even a little program about segues was recorded. This-sized Great Danes need their owners to take extra care of them.

The muscle load is too much for the dog’s comparatively thin paws, therefore he will need to be closely watched by doctors.

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