The woman acquired a retired aircraft, placed it in the woods, and settled there

When Catherine realized she had nowhere to live, she was not without ideas and decided to purchase the retired jet for a little.

She sat down in the old Boeing, which had been transformed into a luxurious, high-end hotel, in the middle of the deep forest.

Catherine didn’t decide to purchase the plane right away.

The woman went farther and farther out of the city in search of housing because she didn’t have enough money for even the most basic flat.

The man was only an air controller, but the brother-in-law came to the rescue.

He suggested the American buy a retired Boeing instead of an apartment, which was the most obvious solution.

Catherine barely paid $2,000, or approximately 150 thousand rubles, for the retired aircraft.

The airline kindly paid to transport the plane to the location I indicated.

Several years were needed for the liner’s reconstruction.

The toilet cabins have been replaced with a bathroom, and the luggage compartments have been transformed into spacious wardrobes with a jacuzzi, a full kitchen, and an oven.

Just above the lake, the plane’s nose is specially positioned.

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