The triplets were devided when they were young; when they reunited after ten years, they learned that they had taken part in a unique experiment

Edmond, then 19 years old, entered the brand-new college for the first time in 1980. Edmond was surprised to learn he has two more identical brothers the same day.

The fact that all three of them took part in a unique experiment came as a further surprise. Students brought Edmond to his twin that day at college.

The two men, who both grew up in foster households, were like two peas in a pod. Derek was the name of Edmond’s brother.

A few months later, David, a student at another college, saw a TV report about the twins’ reunion and was equally as surprised: Derek and Edmond were identical replicas of him.

Naturally, the three of them eventually met, and it came out that their adoptive parents were completely unaware of the existence of the other brothers.

In each family, only one twin was raised. They ultimately learned about the unusual project during a meeting with officials.

It turns out that the renowned child psychologist was looking at how a person’s environment might affect how their character is formed.

The twins’ reunion made them famous and rich. The brothers generally had a successful life.

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