The tiny puppy brings sticks to his best companion all day long

These two have been great friends since they were both welcomed into the same huge rescue pet household. He loves his brother and he loves sticks, so it makes perfect sense to him to combine the two.

The mother of the pair recalls, ‘They bonded the moment they met.’

They were connected to one another right away for some reason. Both met, and it was love at first sight.

The duo ey are now unable to be separated. Both now spend the entire day together and are always together.

They enjoy eating, sleeping, and bathing together. They also go everywhere together.

Doggy likes to express how much he loves his brother in particular. His preferred method of expressing his affection is by giving the turtle one of his most prized possessions—sticks.

Their mother said, ‘Whenever my dog finds a stick in the yard, he takes it over to offer it to the turtle.’

The dog does a stick dance around the turtle as a present, but the tortoise seems largely unimpressed.

Even though the turtle doesn’t enjoy sticks as much as his sibling does, the dog will never stop delivering them to him.

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