The strangely long-necked pup has finally found a permanent place to settle down

There is a dog in the Netherlands who always stands out whenever he goes out in public with his owners. People can’t help but stare at her, considering what makes her so tall.

The two-year-old greyhound was given a second lease on life after being embraced by his owner, Monika.

These types of canines, also known as sighthounds, are valued for their speed and dexterity of body, which makes them ideal for running and hunting.

This is how Monika came to obtain Kenma. She embraced the canine through a rescue network that was fundamentally aimed at saving the canines from a dreadful fate.

Furthermore, Monika is grateful she did because she shared that Kenma is an absolutely adorable canine with a delicate nature.

Monika stated that whenever the two go for a walk together, people usually stop and stare or inquire about her unusually long appearance.

Because the dog is so slim and requires multiple saddles, a choker, and a rope, he answers a lot of questions from people when he’s out in the open.

She will frequently enjoy doing insidious tricks to try to stand out enough to be noticed, such as attempting to steal Monika’s breakfast.

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