The story of a Tarzan girl who was raised by monkeys for five years

It’s hard to believe that this girl was discovered in the Colombian jungles in 1959. She lived among the monkeys.

Marla Chapman (not her real name; she chose it herself) remembers little of that time, but she knows for certain that she was taken by two men in the yard when she was about four years old.

Why? She has no idea. Because he has no idea why they had to leave her in the jungle. A small girl was alone in an unknown location.

She wandered around a lot and called her mother, but no one came. The monkeys stared at her for a while before moving in closer.

The others approached after a monkey touched the girl and began sniffing and examining her.

Marla was surprised at first and even shouted at them to leave her alone but then everything changed.

By the way, even as an adult, Marla wrote a book about her life called ‘A Nameless Girl,’ because she has no idea how old she is or what her name was.

It moved millions of people and became a literary sensation.

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