The skinny canine realized that a chance encounter with a stranger was her only opportunity for a better life

A skinny dog was discovered on the side of the road by a traffic cop. He understood she needed immediate assistance because the animal could hardly stand on its paws.

The man instantly called animal rights activists, who arrived at the home almost as quickly. Because the doggy was tired it was simple to transfer her to the car and drive her to a nearby shelter.

She was given the name Dappy and transported to the veterinarian clinic after being fed.

Nobody knew how the dog came to be on the street or why it was so tired. She was very skinny and didn’t know how to live on the streets.

As a result, she was not treated for a while because the treatment could be risky with her low weight. One of the volunteers took him in and learned that she was not only physically fatigued but also emotionally.

But Dappy quickly gained confidence in the volunteer, perked up, and started to eat.

She was also treated additionally when she gained weight. Luckily, she feels good now thanks to caring people.

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