The shyest of his litter, a little cat found behind a store, turns out to be an incredible hugger

A rescue group of workers was informed about a wild feline with four little cats living behind a store. They were immediately placed in care because they required treatment. Tobby was the most quiet of the group.

He attempted to stow away from everyone and believed that he had nothing to do with them, or so he thought.

With a lot of treats and a lot of convincing, the feline let out his most memorable purring the next day and gradually became accustomed to his human.

After a few days the kitty got sick. ‘I took him and held him in my lap all day, where he dozed and purred.’

After experiencing love, the feline began to seek friendship and summon his willpower to investigate his surroundings.

He ended up being snuggly with his temporary mother and felt better about her presence.

‘He may be modest at first, but once you gain his trust, he’s incredibly friendly,’ the lady explained.

The cat is still the shyest of his family, but he is ready for his exciting next role in everyday life. He’s waiting for a loving family to notice that beneath that timid exterior lies the best hugger.

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