The shelter threw a party for the puppy, but none of the invited showed up

Luke, a stray dog from the United States, has been in a shelter for more than seven months.

And, according to the shelter workers, if pets generally find new owners within a month, then this adorable puppy is just unlucky with potential owners.

To perhaps assist him in finding a permanent home, the volunteers came up with the idea to arrange a celebration for him on Valentine’s Day.

They dressed Luke up for the holidays, decorated everything around him, and really hoped that by doing this, people would be moved to adopt this magnificent puppy.However, the plan failed, and no one showed up for the celebration.

Luke is big but wonderfully cute, according to Michelle, a shelter worker, and loves to cuddle and play with his favorite soft toy.

Of course, he has his own quirks, but he still needs love and attention, and we sincerely hope that he will receive it someday.

Furthermore, the dog is a true tiger boxer, not just a mix. They have a keen sense of smell, are loyal, and have a high level of intelligence.

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