The service dog learns to wear glasses so that he can join his mother in the lab

Adorable service dog Effie learnt to assist his mother, a neurologist, in the lab.

The golden retriever is the first dog in Joley’s doctoral program at the University of Illinois in the United States to have access to a lab.

In the lab, if I forget something, he reminds me about it and helps me pick it up.

Without your assistance, I couldn’t complete a neuroscience program or maintain my grades.

Joley has long advocated for the entry of service dogs into laboratories, claiming that the rule has stopped many students from attending labs.

The rules that ultimately allow him entrance to the college require Effie to wear the same suits as humans and to be in constant view of Joley.

Additionally, Effie had to learn how to fetch items when his mother asked him to do so and lay on a plaster mattress for about four hours.

Even if everyone can agree that the golden retriever looks gorgeous in his dress and collar, his mother doesn’t want that to take away from the significance of his college studies. Smart, right?

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