The seagull has been going back to the same man who rescued him for twelve years on a daily basis

80-year-old British man John Smith assisted a seagull. The bird has been returning to the shore daily ever since to see its rescuer. Every day John comes here to enjoy the sea air and meet his bird friend.

The seagull flies or sits close to him while he is on the beach.

Dorian only ever makes flights to John. We can therefore conclude that John and Dorian are of the same age.

Dorian was in need of help when I initially came upon him. I did not know what to do.

I discovered him when I went back to the beach the following day. The man began bringing his normal supply of seagull dog biscuits for his dog. Dorian grew to trust John more and more as he returned to the shore each day to feed him.

Such a link only existed between the two of us; he no longer treated others that way. He improved and left at the start of the spring, but he returned in September of that same year and didn’t forget about me. John and Dorian have seen each other almost daily for the past 12 years since that time.

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