The royal couple were ignored by Elton John: The reporters wonder if the spouses were offended by this

The royal couple now reside in the United States and communicate frequently with numerous celebrities.

These two were among quick to help the companions when they chose to leave the UK and surrender their status as senior individuals from the regal family.

Internet users have been persuaded ever since that Megan and Harry are amiable with Oprah and Elton.

A royal biographer maintains, however, that the couple’s relationship with the singer has soured.

When the expert went to the GB News show, news of this got out to the media.

He emphasized: ‘In an interview with reporters, They were not even invited to the Oscars party hosted by Elton John.

This indicates, according to the royal biographer, that Meghan and Harry’s influence in Hollywood has significantly decreased recently.

Tom, on the other hand, is not the only one who thinks that they are gradually losing their rating in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Reporters for the Daily Mail insist that Meghan and Harry may have skipped the artist’s party not because they were denied an invitation, because they chose to avoid the public until the coronation.

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