The Romanian Tibetan Mastiff has been crowned the world’s most charming dog

Meet Xeno, the Tibetan Mastiff. This stunning pet has been dubbed ‘the most beautiful dog in the world’ by the entire world.

Xeno is from Romania. The world’s most gorgeous dog is now almost four years old.

Xeno and his owners traveled to a dozen countries after winning this title, where he collected 400 trophies in various categories at exhibitions.

The dog is notable for its enormous size, weighing in over 100 kilograms, yet its size has no bearing on its personality.

The Xeno has a warm, sociable, and affectionate personality. It is treated as if it were the apple of their eye by the owners.

Dogs purchase the most expensive food, toys, and beauty products.

By the way, the owner also requested a replica of the Xeno from a tree that was the same size as him.

The purpose of this deed is unclear, but the owner appears to know better.

Furthermore, the cute dog is pleased with his replica. You definitely will not see such a unique and beautiful dog every day. Nature really has its ways of surprising us.

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