The residents of the town lay sticks at the paws of the bronze memorial to the dog that died 100 years ago on a daily basis

Workers at the cemetery must routinely remove bundles of sticks from the animal’s grave.

They don’t protest, though; after all, people give him presents for a reason.

Rex the dog passed away over a century ago. Residents of the city, on the other hand, recall the friendly dog of a local fruit vendor.

They even created a monument to the city’s most famous animal, a full-size bronze replica.

A photo of the dog’s grave surfaced on social media recently. It turned out that the villagers leave sticks and tree branches adjacent to his statue on a regular basis.

This article drew a lot of attention from social media users, and a lot of them were curious as to why people were doing this.

Someone then commented on the photo, explaining that the sticks are a memorial to a specific dog about which grandparents teach their grandkids.

Residents who have lost dogs visit the dog’s grave as well. They put sticks in his copy’s bronze paws and beg the dog to take after their favorite pets till they see them again.

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