The rescued cougar became a house cat because he was unable to return to the wild

This couple keeps an intriguing animal in their apartment. The enormous cougar weighs 51 kg.

His owners discovered him in a zoo. He was a part of a litter of three cubs in the zoo at the time, and he was just eight months old.

At three months old, he was already receiving medical attention when he was sold.

The cougar fascinated the couple’s hearts, and they made the decision to buy her back.

The wife persuades her husband that despite longing for a cat, he was really given a lynx that turned out to be a cougar.

The pair argued about whether they could handle such a task for three days.

His owners report that he exhibits dog-like characteristics and that he needs a lot of attention, training, and special warm clothes.

Previously lazy, he now enjoys walking and schedules two daily strolls.

Now an integral part of the family, he causes the owners no difficulties. He gets along with others well and is friendly and pleasant.

What would you do if you saw a cougar playing in the plaground?

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