The rainbow family consists of three siblings with various tones who were born to the same parents

They were given that name by a couple because one of their children is white, the other is mixed race, and the third is black.

When white mother Carlia and James James, 31, discovered that their first kid had a brown complexion at birth, they weren’t surprised.

However, they were just taken aback when the son was born with white complexion and blonde hair, while the daughter showed up with an African appearance.

From Yarmouth, England, Carlia works as a part-time model. She remarked, ‘It seems funny when I walk about with my rainbow children.

She acknowledged that some people presume that fathers of children are different.

The doctors all looked at me when they were born and thought I had these kids with various husbands, she recalled.

They are unquestionably all mine, the African-Caribbean parents of the James chicken factory superintendent continued.

They all share our facial features; the only thing that differs about them is their skin tone.

I wouldn’t trade any of them for the world, she continued.

Now that I understand what people go through to adopt a rainbow family, I can relate to her.

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