The puppy is pals with the daycare’s fluffiest dogs so she can nap on them

This puppy discovered the most relaxing area for a sleep. The baby is

cradled by fluffy dogs. When the puppy’s owners have to leave to work, they

take Edna to a doggy day care. Edna is always exhausted from having so

much fun with her tailed buddies.

The baby, on the other hand, does not sleep on the sofa or on a blanket when it is time to rest.

Edna, on the other hand, opts for maximum comfort: she seeks out the fluffiest dog and falls asleep right there on it. Edna’s friends don’t mind if she uses them as pillows.

They are constantly willing to «lend» their fluffy belly or back to the baby to make him or her feel better.

Take a look at this adorableness: It’s impossible to wake Edna awake, let

alone move her new woollen cushion, after she’s found the ideal dog to

snooze on. The day care workers saw that the other tailed guests became

considerably calmer and more affectionate as a result of Edna’s presence.

When the owners come to pick up their doggy, they are unable to separate her from another dog and take her home. However, all is fair. You have to rely on delectable delights from time to time.

What’s better than a dog game that concludes with a beautiful dream on a fluffy tail?

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