The primary reward was concealed beneath the carpet in the hallway of the old house the man had inherited

Jin received an old home from family members. Although the real estate is priceless in and of itself, the man’s greatest reward was concealed beneath the carpet in the hallway.

The house that was inherited was out in the country.

As a child, Jin frequently visited this location and recalled that his relatives once resided here.

Then, for an undisclosed reason, sold a nice condo and relocated far from people.

Grandfather used to tell stories about hidden gems when they were living together, but I always thought they were fairy tales, Jin later said.

Jin noticed the house needed restoration as soon as he arrived at the farm. He started removing the wallpaper before deciding to refinish the floor.

He just had time to lift the hallway’s carpet before coming to a complete halt when he noticed an old, rather safe underneath.

It required the assistance of a master to be opened. The final estimate for the discovered treasure was close to $100,000.

Jin just has one regret: there is no longer a means to discover how his relatives obtained the gold that was concealed.

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