The pretty Laetitia Casta talks about her dyslexia: learn how she developed into a talented actress

Laetitia is known to be a gifted entertainer and model. When she sends texts to her friends, she makes mistakes.

Because of this, her dyslexia makes everyone around her laugh. She doesn’t mind when her family and friends make fun of her dyslexia.

She has learned to accept it and no longer cares about it.

She is a strong, independent woman who has triumphed over every challenge she has faced.

She talked about a lot of things, like her career, her kids, how hard it was for her to grow up in the film industry as a woman, and her pretty dyslexia with stories.

Actually, dyslexia is a disorder of written language. She stated in the interview that it is obligatory to succeed in dictating at school, but not to perform comedy.

The beautiful actress has also been able to overcome this obstacle, which has long puzzled her, precisely because of the theater.

We are aware of her beauty and self-assurance. However, not always has that been the case.

She is a successful woman today. Because of her dyslexia, she continues to make people around her laugh.

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