The pope held the hand of a homeless man on his birthday: an iconic moment

The pope rewarded three individuals who participated in charity events on his birthday.

He paid tribute to three individuals for their incredible mercy on his birthday: a priest, a businessman, and a homeless person.

The homelessness award has received the majority of the public’s attention.

Can got the Request for Mother Teresa for offering to the homeless like him all that he gathered during the day.

The award was presented to other recipients for their work in establishing schools and providing water to small, impoverished communities in developing nations.

The Pope presented each award with a miniature globe in a frame depicting a holy figure holding a child during the ceremony.

A cake was given to the pope by seminary students at a separate reception. There were no other special celebrations planned for the pontiff.

The day of his birth was December 17, 1936. It will be ten years since he was elected head of all Catholic believers in the year 2023.

This is really a very iconic moment, don’t you think? Let us know in the comments about what you really think.

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