The photographer was capturing the beauty of the lake when he noticed a mother duck with 76 ducklings in tow

Brent, a photographer, observed an incredible sight of 76 ducklings following one duck!

Mother ducks belong to the merganser subtype and can lay up to 15 eggs.

Brent first assumed there were roughly 50 ducklings. But, already in the photograph, the young guy counted them.

There were 76 ducklings, all of them almost the same age. Brent came to the lake multiple times to investigate the destiny of an extraordinary family.

The infants grew up, yet remained close to their mother. Scientists from all across the world began debating an incredible event. Some argue that the duck ‘adopted’ numerous other broods, with whose parents something happened.

Others claim it’s a type of duck called ‘kindergarten,’ and that this duck is their grandmother. Her kids gave birth to the first progeny, but they also began the molting stage, during which the bird is compelled to wait on the shore since its feathers do not protect it.

As a result, they gave up the children to the oldest duck. The photographer stated that he did occasionally see other adult ducks nearby.

The ducklings paid no heed to them and only listened to the bird they considered their mother.

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