The owner of a late viral cat has adopted a new, unusual pet

For a long period, this man couldn’t get over the death of a pet. But, over time, he realized that there are still many animals in the world who want assistance and human affection, and he chose to adopt another animal.

A weird cat from a nearby shelter was chosen.

The man’s new pet, which he brought to the mourners of his slain cat, won over the mourners’ hearts. The cat now has his own Social media profile, which has tens of thousands of fans.

It remains to be seen if he can equal his «sister’s» greatness, but that isn’t the point.

The most essential aim has already been achieved: the cat has found his family and «his» person, who is delighted to welcome outcast and useless animals into the house, who turn out to be no less real friends if given a chance.

Every animal, regardless of appearance, is unique and should be appreciated in the same way as other animals because every living thing needs love by their owners and the same amount of loyalty as they give us.

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