The Owl embraces the one who rescued her before

Gigi, an owl, was taken to the vet by a man . A kind man who happened to see her rescued her.

When Dave got back from his trip, the owl couldn’t stop cuddling him because she was so grateful to him.

One of the most important birds we’ve ever cared for was this bird.

Dave would be the best individual to search for Gigi. The treatment wouldn’t have been possible without Dave.

She has complete faith in him and is well-versed in him. It’s the confident expression on his face.

‘In all my years of working with birds, I have never seen someone with such a connection to these amazing creatures,’ they added.

Gigi had whole confidence in Dave. When Dave got back from a trip to see family, Gigi was overjoyed. She couldn’t keep her arms from him as she began to dance.

They wrote, ‘Watching him connect with these birds truly makes me feel emotional.’

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