The overweight girl who was formerly criticized now resembles a supermodel

The woman made the decision to start dieting at the age of 16. She used to have a bagel and chocolate for breakfast, but now she prefers fruits and coffee.

Nilan chooses a tuna salad or pizza on toast for lunch rather than a tuna sandwich and noodles.

The kid used to eat pizza and pasta with mayonnaise-based sauces for dinner, but now she prefers low-calorie dishes like pasta with sauce, salmon with rice and veggies, or beans with cheese.

She managed to lose 16 kg in eight months.

Nilan was so motivated by this that she kept on losing weight and gradually started participating in sports.

Now that she is 57 kg larger, the woman claims to feel ‘totally different.’

In contrast to before, when she was hesitant to look at herself, she now finds beauty in her reflection.

The girl is overjoyed that she can now dress as she wants and still feel attractive and at ease.

‘You need to realize that it will take time and that you will need to alter your way of life.

Making the procedure enjoyable throughout is the most important goal.

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