The new picture of Irina Shayk with her head covered and dress completely closed delighted her fans

The top model demonstrated that, unlike at a show, you don’t have to wear an open dress or even add the head of a lion to look spectacular.

In addition, you don’t need a lot of jewelry, bright makeup, or chic styling; all you need to do is be as charming as she is.

She was wearing a plain black dress that was completely closed in recent Instagram photos. The cape, which resembled a hood, even covered the model’s head.

She was able to win over the public’s affections, though, by projecting such a secretive image. She attended the Qatari watch and jewelry exhibition in an unusual outfit.

Therefore, it is highly likely that the decision to wear the outfit was not only by high fashion but also by the desire to adhere to the customs of their culture.

The model’s fans immediately referred to her as the ‘eastern princess’ because they were thrilled with her performance.

Her outfit appears to be unusual and attractive after numerous open bodies on social media and the red carpet.

Also, the dress’s style and color were so flattering to the diva’s figure!

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