The mother of ten sons rises at 5:30 in the morning and cleans the house seven times a day

Being a mother is the hardest job. Suppose you had ten sons. And all of them were boys. Twelve boys are handled by this woman alone.

Supermom spoke about her responsibilities. Only 39 years old, Alexa Brett is the mother of 10 sons.

Although many people are surprised, Alexa is content and adores her kids dearly.

The eldest boy is 17 years old, while the youngest is only two. How does this mother manage everything?

It is important to note that Alexa is attractive, in excellent form, and well-groomed. Dave, her husband, does not assist her in raising the kids.

Her spouse works a lot, drives trains, and spends a lot of time away from the house.

Every morning at 5:30, mom gets out of bed and regularly does her hair and applies cosmetics.

She then wakes the kids up and prepares food for everyone. She then drives her sons to kindergarten and school.

She is already accustomed to the schedule, but cleaning is the biggest challenge. A mother of multiple kids spends many hours each day cleaning the home.

The woman claimed that she does her laundry 35 times per week and vacuums seven times every day.

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