The model who was referred to as ‘the most beautiful woman in the world’ will work as a cashier at a supermarket

Merie will soon turn 71, yet the previous supermodel can’t stand to resign.

In addition, she may begin to master the job of a cashier despite a once glittering career in the fashion industry.

I needed to find a sense of peace with the way that demonstrating work might have reached a conclusion. But let’s be clear: These are not words of self-pity.

Merie stated, ‘I truly do not comprehend why people are appalled when I say that I can begin working at a supermarket.’

The model explained that the pandemic was the beginning of her financial issues.

However, the 1970s icon does not intend to seek assistance from her former husband. She is determined to support herself financially.

In addition, the well-known fashion photographer’s ex-wife acknowledged that her financial situation did not even remotely concern her.

She still feels bad, though, that she sold dresses that YSL and a lot of other fashion designers gave her when they were just starting out.

Merie was brought into the world in Tokyo yet experienced her childhood in Hawaii. What do you think?

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