The model made the decision to show the photo without any filters or editing clearly how she actually looks

Irean — known as an entertainer, film maker, DJ and model, likewise has a blog on Instagram.

The girl recently made the decision to make it clear to her Instagram followers that they shouldn’t rely on everything that looks perfect.

The reality is frequently too different from what people expect, and even lighting can make a person’s figure worse.

Irean posted two photographs taken by the paparazzi with a distinction of one day, when the model had barely any insight into it.

As you can see, the girl’s figure is not as perfect as it is in other Instagram photos.

But Irean wanted to encourage his followers to be more critical of what they see in the media on a daily basis by stating this.

People, keep in mind! Irean stated, ‘The media can always make people look not very good, if desired.’ Lighting is everything.

The young woman considered, ‘Why even have people the right to criticize her for the way she looks in everyday life?’

The girl was praised for her bravery, honesty, and her ability to liberate young girls without enslaving them or making them think about their appearance.

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