The malnourished and dehydrated orphaned baby mountain lion cub was rescued by firemen and has since doubled in weight

The US Forest Service was wandering about when they heard a faint squeak. They soon realized who was producing the noise.

A mountain lion cub, who was virtually motionless, laying on the road and calling its mother with the last of its power.

The firefighters raced to the nearest station in search of a cat carrier.

When they returned, the infant was in the same position. His mother did not appear. The men did not waste any time in loading the cat into the automobile.

Experts examined the kitten and determined that it is a female about 14 weeks old. The baby weighed less than 11 pounds, which was an important sign of her age.

The cub was semi-conscious, malnourished, dehydrated, weak, and shaking all the time.

After five weeks of a strict diet and regular grooming, the baby let out her first full-fledged grumble. Vets feel that by doing so, she signalled her return to peak condition.

Female mountain lions often stay with their pups until the kittens are over a year old.

With the baby’s strength increasing, she was placed in a dedicated enclosure with security cameras.

According to experts, the animal should not be allowed to form attachments to humans.

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