The loveliest explanation for why their son wakes up on the floor every day was recorded on film by the parents

The parents of a youngster named Philip were surprised as to why their son woke up on the floor each morning.

He chose not to speak to them directly, therefore it was decided to install a camera.

The first films revealed the solution: each night, the youngster went downstairs to the dog, who came to sleep in the kids’ room.

Since the boy’s birth, Philip and the family dog have gotten along well.

The dog would rather be in the child’s room than anywhere else in the home, never leaving him.

Additionally, the child has never spent the entire night on the bed since moving from the parent’s room to his own.

‘Our son’s room has warming floors that are particularly installed, but I still want to get him used to the bed.

He simply cannot live without his companion, as the videos showed,’ Philip’s mother remarked.

The footage clearly demonstrates how the young child carefully gets out of bed each night, gets a blanket and some toys, and then cuddles up next to his canine companion.

They are confident that with time, this habit will go away.

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