The locals were unable to identify the circle in the forest. A true wonder

A man was strolling through the local summer when he came across an intriguing object.

He noticed that the crowns of the trees had a fairly large, round circle in them. It looked like a door to another world from the outside.

The man took a few photographs and posted them on the web.

Obviously, the images gained a lot of popularity, and many viewers rushed to submit their own versions.

They stated in the comments that this is the entrance to the hobbits’ entrance.

The locals chose to remain silent because they did not want to react to the discovery.

The fact that photography turned out to be very well known makes the maker who made this establishment exceptionally astounded.

Artwork was made nearly five years ago. Additionally, the man noted that the image was clearly processed digitally.

The actual work has a different appearance. It is, in fact, a window. I made a circle less than five meters in diameter in a suitable forest area.

The motivation behind the work is to convey light to the brush, since it is still there,’ said the trained professional.

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