The little dog spends the entire day bringing sticks to his best friend

These two were both adopted into the same large rescue pet family. They’ve been great buddies since the beginning.

‘They bonded the instant they met,’ recalls the couple’s mother. ‘For some reason, they were instantaneously drawn to each other.’

It was love at first sight the instant they met. And they’re now inseparable.’ They are now always together and spend the entire day together. They like munching, snoozing, and sunning together, and they also follow each other everywhere.

The dog enjoys displaying his appreciation for his brother in particular. He gives him kisses, yet his favorite strategy to show his love is to bring the turtle his most esteemed things — sticks.

‘Whenever my dog finds a stick in the yard, he brings it over to present it to the turtle,’ their mother explained.

The dog dances around the turtle with his stick but the tortoise is generally unimpressed. Even if the turtle does not share his brother’s fondness for sticks, the dog will never stop bringing them to him.

He adores both sticks and his sibling, so combining them makes perfect sense to him. The turtle may not like sticks, but he adores his brother. Nothing else matters as long as he’s with him.

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