The lady who saved a cat discovers that it is not the animal she believed it was.

The lady had seen a cat out of nowhere while travelling to meet buddies. The small cat was very frightened. He was clearly in need of assistance. She drove him back to her house.

The lady has a large dog and an adult feline at home, so going out would not be a good idea. So she set up a comfortable spot for him in the garage, complete with food and water bowls.

She elected to take the cat to her house, move her pets to a different room, wash him, and take him to bed with her whenever she returned after two or three hours.

But something else happened.

‘A neighbor came rushing up to me,’ the lady says. ‘May I inspect the cat?’ he said. It may very well be a lynx,’ I reasoned. And it’s true.

His tail was separate. It was pointy and had a small white mark on it.

In addition, the cat began to growl… and snarl a little. I realized that was most likely a lynx.’ ‘Never mind, apparently I saved a lynx,’ the lady wrote on facebook.

The following day, the lady gave the animl to an organization dedicated to animal welfare.

The lynx took a few days of serious attention, but he is currently in good health. He will be released into nature when everything is in order.

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