The kid who made a Messi shirt gets the real one from his idol

What uses are there for plastic bags? You can become famous all over the world by accident.

This is exactly what a little boy did: he used plastic to make what looked like a T-shirt of his favorite player, Messi.

A relative from Australia took a picture and published it.

The user was astonished by the boy’s inventiveness. In order to present him with a genuine Argentina jersey, they began looking for the kid.

A real T-shirt cannot be purchased for the boy by his poor farmer father. The boy’s parents stated, ‘Our boys frequently make T-shirts from bags because they simply have no other choice.’

However, Murtaz’s father naturally hopes that his idol will give him a T-shirt as a present. After all, he adores Lionel Messi and football so much!

Messi, on the other hand, stated that he was prepared to give a young fan a T-shirt to share. if, naturally, he could be located.

In the meantime, we can admire baby Murtaz on a real football field and in a real T-shirt.

He might even get a chance to play for the Afghan national team and be invited to a real football club.

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