The Japanese girl with the body of an old man demonstrated that social media cannot be trusted

Today, there are numerous side interests that various individuals can appreciate.

Some of them are confused while others raise no questions.

For instance, a man from Japan who has gone too far of 50 years is partial to a somewhat weird side interest.

He keeps a page via virtual entertainment for the benefit of a little kid.

Faceup, a photo editing program, is used by him to upload already-processed photos.

The Japanese man looks nothing like a woman in real life.

In addition, it is difficult to establish from the image that he is a man and is already of respectable age.

Using Faceup, he transforms himself into a young girl with a stunning face after taking a selfie. After that, he posts pictures to a personal Facebook page.

The man is well-known because he amassed more than 13,000 followers in a relatively short amount of time.

He doesn’t want to stow away from the fans that he is a man. ‘ I’m a man over 50 years old.

I do my work at home. However, I have a hobby. I edit my selfies with Faceup,’ the Japanese claim.

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