The grandmother’s 90-year-old wish was realized thanks to the grandson, and she now has even more hopes for the future

Dina, who is 90 years old, has experienced many good and unpleasant things in her life.

But today, we’re going to show you that you may live ‘to the fullest’ at any age—not only while you’re young.

When her cherished grandchild arrived, everything was suddenly different.

The man talked to his grandmother Dina about hiking in the Appalachian Mountains after meeting several enthusiastic hikers in college.

Her grandson considered the grandmother’s curiosity and real grief that she could never travel to such a magnificent destination.

Dina was genuinely pleased with the novel experience, and Derek understood that friendship and shared interests are not dependent on age.

Because his grandma hadn’t been on many trips yet, the grandson determined the first trip shouldn’t be the last.

Dina, a seasoned traveler, has now been to over half of the nation’s national parks and hopes to visit the remaining ones.

Regular photo reports of Dina in the stunning settings of the parks may also be seen on Derek’s Instagram.

In addition, Dina has already chosen what she wants to do when she visits all the locations that are scheduled.

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