The grandchildren’s grandfather came up with the most wonderful solution because they needed a school bus

What may a grandfather give his grandchildren as a gift? Of course, everyone has a different conception of the perfect gift.

However, there isn’t a grandfather in the entire world who wouldn’t want to give the kids something special and equally important.

Such a present was given by one dad to his grandchildren. He gave them a school bus as a gift.

He once shared his thoughts with his wife Amelia, and while she was visiting her children’s homes, she brought attention to the needs of her grandkids.

Five out of ten kids attend school, and in the near future two more will follow. Of course, my three very young grandchildren will also grow and enter the educational system.

The kids go to a little neighborhood school that doesn’t have its own transportation.

The distance between Duncan’s grandchildren’s neighborhood and the school is 30 minutes.

Amelia shared her knowledge with her husband while also expressing to him how wonderful it would be if Duncan drove the kids to school each morning.

This is a fantastic chance to spend time with the grandchildren. The grandkids of Duncan are eager to start school.

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