The girl was supposed to be a bridesmaid in her closest friend’s wedding, but she suddenly declined: watch what happened

The girl agreed to be a bridesmaid because she was attending the wedding of her best friend. Lana intended to enjoy herself.

But she suddenly realized that she was constantly spending money on her friend’s needs while she was still organizing the celebration.

She suddenly refused to attend the party. Lana’s reaction is particularly understandable given that her companion insisted she pay the entrance fee as well.

The bridesmaid does typically cover a little portion of the costs. Love and respect are simply shown in this way.

But everything was totally different when it came to Lana. The bride revealed herself to be a schemer.

Lana herself was unaware of how she had paid for the attire and accessories and covered the complete cost of her hair and makeup.

A half-hour later, the bride herself came to see her and informed her that her family had started to pay for admission to the celebration.

The cost would be shared by Lana. Lana made the decision right then and there to stop speaking with her friend completely, in addition to deciding not to attend her friend’s wedding.

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