The friendly cat craves human contact and is obsessed with obtaining pets from every delivery guy she encounters

Most of all, this cat enjoys walks and people’s attention.

The four-legged pet devised an excellent strategy to get her more rubbed and communicated with. The cat has already charmed the delivery men in her city.

After all, anybody who delivers mail or packages to the owners has to play with her.

«When COVID-19 began, we moved to remote control for everything, so we started ordering a lot of items home: ready-made food, groceries, and other stuff.»

«Because our job at home interfered with Tuna’s sleep cycle, she began to go out more frequently throughout the day,» the owner recounted.

Owners can follow Tuna as she travels about the yard thanks to the collar and cameras. As a result, they discovered that the cat, upon seeing the delivery guy, is attempting to «speak» with him.

Even if the individual isn’t interested in her, she obtains the attention she seeks.

«Tuna is a tenacious character. She will roll on the floor, twist her tail, or brush against the walls to grab the delivery guy’s attention. «She has a lot of various small tricks,» the owner explained.

Delivery people love to pet the cat, and she’s already a star among them.

«Tuna always makes our entire family, as well as all of the delivery guys, giggle.» «People prefer to come to us and meet the cat,» the owner stated.

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